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Black Thumb Gardening

Yesterday I woke up crying, and realized I hadn’t cried in years. Was this some great stored up sadness, or the advent of depression? Or some specific hurt or trauma I had experienced and put from my conscious mind, only … Continue reading

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Paint Club Members at work

Paint Club Members at work.

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Find something that recharges your batteries and keep it in reserve when things get tough or overwhelming. Some people go to the movies, I go to the waterfront and watch boats. Charges me up, makes life worth living, and America’s … Continue reading

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Making a Book

It is said that everyone has a book in them. That may be true. But whether they have the strength, energy, focus, and determination to bring it to fruition is another question entirely. A book is a lot of work. … Continue reading

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The Value of Looking Back

POSTWAR 1946: It is said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. So play a game with me, given these parameters: What if you went back in time, could understand Dad or granddad who really went to … Continue reading

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About Helen

About Helen.

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Overcoming Author Shyness

You grow up with injunctions against “showing off” which makes it difficult to bring out a book today. With previous books I could face my readers, find out what they wanted from the book, and often respond with suggestions. Facebook, … Continue reading

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