The Value of Looking Back


It is said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. So play a game with me, given these parameters: What if you went back in time, could understand Dad or granddad who really went to England back then, many coming straight from a mid-western farm.

This was the England that ended in the Normandy invasion, the greatest, most successful, costliest learning ground young Americans knew. Your dad, uncles, aunt, grandmas all took part, and the aftermath resulted in who they are today.

England  has a feeling of “going home,” even for those who’ve never been there. This could be the result of BBC dramas–Upstairs/Downstairs, East-Enders, and Coronation Street. But it still feels like home for many mystery fans.

Much of American ideas and dreams are rooted here, and even today England becomes a proving ground for aspirations that take place later in America. Socialism, National Health scheme, the swamp that immigration has become.

The canary in the coalmine.


About helenscribe

Helen is a long-time writer, with experience in both fiction and non-fiction. Her latest fiction, an English cozy mystery "The Domino Deaths" is available on Amazon. She is also an amateur painter and sailor.
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