Writing 3.4 – Giving & Getting Advice

An honest (probably) and forthright stumbler towards writing enlightenment along with the rest of us, and humble enough to admit to not following his own advice. Love it!

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The only thing writers do more than write is give advice about writing.  Now that I am in a position to consider considering myself a published author, I thought I should look back at the writing advice I have given, been given, or overheard during the past few years while on the road to sorta kinda published.  Yes, the “consider considering” is accurate.  Although I am legally “published,” I have not yet reached my goal of being in print and in bookstores where anyone I know can walk by, see my name on a book, and say “I think I went to school with that idiot.”

Once everyone knows an idiot has been published, they are more likely to pay attention to the advice said idiot might offer and less likely to call you an idiot – to your face.  I don’t like to give advice, partly because I have…

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About helenscribe

Helen is a long-time writer, with experience in both fiction and non-fiction. Her latest fiction, an English cozy mystery "The Domino Deaths" is available on Amazon. She is also an amateur painter and sailor.
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