The author of Dallas in a Nutshell strikes again!

Helen Vanderberg, who wrote five editions of Dallas in a Nutshell, Liberation through the Marketplace, and a litany of technical manuals, has just released her first novel. The cozy mystery entitled The Domino Deaths, takes place in an English village and is set in an historical time Americans might remember: 1946 – just after World War II. The protagonist is a retired police surgeon, whose earlier life involved autopsies for Scotland Yard, in particular reaching back to the Whitechapel murders. Having retired to what he thought was a peaceful village, his do-good impulses seem to lead to a series of deaths.

The tenor of a slumbering village is transformed by this man with a cause, whose wife objects strongly to his crusade. The village’s ancient grudges and improbable ambitions play out among a disintegrating class system wrecked by the war. In The Domino Deaths, a new labor autocracy resonates, and besides being a tribute to times past, in true cozy form there are no car chases or disgusting dismemberments. Rather, this philosophical approach to an individual life’s purpose might well have been titled What To Do When Grandma Passes Her Sell-By Date. The Domino Deaths is featured at the 2013 Writer’s Digest Conference in Los Angeles.

Helen Vanderberg is known in Silicon Valley for her work with Sun Microsystems, SGI and various other technical firms. She is also an avid sailor, an amateur painter, a member of the California Writers Club, and the Red Hat Society. She is a public speaker whose career with Toastmasters led to a term as Area Governor. She has lived in Mountain View for the last 25 years, despite growing up in England, which leads to her deep appreciation for the California climate.

For her own reading she enjoys mystery stories, thrillers, and international intrigue. Her favorite authors are John le Carre, Alan Furst, Sue Grafton, and Mountain View’s very own Elizabeth George. Her next book takes place during World War II and she is working towards a release next year.

Contact: Helen Vanderberg (650)961-7842


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