Refresh Life

Getting My Sailing Fix

Knowing what it takes to put you back in top form is essential in world gone multi-tasked.
There’s something about sailing that makes me feel I have unlimited time—the whole wide ocean stretches before me, my eyes need that distance to keep me sane. Daily life can be crammed with duties pressing, things that must be accomplished, attended to, worries that crowd life’s purpose until surely I’ll blow a gasket. Then I know it’s time to get a boat-fix. Anywhere, anyhow, small lake or vast ocean, I don’t care.
Knowing my passion for boats and sailing, no one should be surprised I went in to SF to see America’s Cup Sunday, even though I had work to do and couldn’t get there until mid-afternoon. It was my gift to myself for getting the work done.
Beautiful day, clear sky, breeze 15 knots at 3:30, and everything you’d want the weather to be, shoreside. I knew the actual race would be over, didn’t expect to see much, but still worth the effort.
If you’re going, do yourself a favor–ride BART to Embarcadero and walk the distance to America’s Cup Village at Pier 23. Unless you totally freak out at serried ranks of pram-pushers** coming at you like tanks. In which case get off at Montgomery and head for the open waterfront.
Access to America’s Cup Village is free, and set up for sailing fans with fake grass and bean bags in front of huge video screens to watch replays of the day’s match. It’s a great way to watch because the course is all laid out and explained exactly where and why because of wind, currents, and the depth needed for these honking great cats*. They had a 45 cat frame there on the pier, which isn’t much to look at without its mast and sails, but man, you should see the crew leaping about the nets while underway. I was totally entranced. What a blast!
A graduated series of boats were Med-tied, all shiny and spit polished with their Kiwi flags (Union Jack in the corner), and one with the Maltese Cross (white on red). 160 ft long and 30 ft wide, 65 ft masts, but don’t quote me. I was too impressed to get the real numbers, just being there to get my boat fix. Wonderful day, best ever for me—in by 3:30 then back by 7. Didn’t hang about, knowing my strength limitations and having a full week ahead, but wow!
San Francisco is the place to be this summer until the end of September. For the price of a BART ticket—go.

Everything you want to know about it is here:
**pram=push-cart for babies (stroller: Am.)


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