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Sunday sunset

Still the most artistic way to predict tomorrow’s weather;) Advertisements

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Church of England "on brink of extinction"

  The media love religious prophecies of doom and gloom, especially when they come from former archbishops of Canterbury and the story can be spun into a tacit criticism of their successors. But George Carey has been predicting the imminent…

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Learning from our Parent’s mistakes

Originally posted on Dr Nicholas Jenner:
There is a fine line between good and bad parenting styles but one thing is for sure..get it wrong and your child will suffer in adulthood! The difficult thing is to work out what…

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Write a Nice Letter to Someone

Originally posted on Project Light to Life:
#5 Technically, the letter that I’m thinking about was actually in the format of an email, but for now, I’ll still count it. Although I wrote the email before I started this blog,…

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Ben Franklin and the America’s Cup

A gorgeous reminder of a thrilling event.

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The Lure of English Gardens

What exactly is an English Garden? Of what does it consist? Is there a certain look, certain flowers, a lawn of some sort? There’s even a magazine of that name, so someone has a clear idea about it. Go here … Continue reading

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