For Those who Served

For veterans and those who served in the hopes that others wouldn’t have to, a vote of thanks doesn’t seem quite enough. Take a just and honest pride in having paid a debt to a country that has given so much to those in great danger elsewhere.

From those in peril on the sea, to those who faced the guns and worse. And to those who supported their efforts month after long month after a brave and illustrious president led the way. Rosie the Riveter included.

Thank you.

ship at pier 47

Jeremiah O’Brien from Pier 47

o Not just because I sailed aboard the Jeremiah O’Brien in October’s San Francisco Fleet Week celebration…
o Not just because of the memories raised by this venerable “Liberty Ship” pushing off from Pier 47 that Sunday October morning due to efforts of countless volunteers, with the families of those who sailed, built, and took part in the Normandy beach-head…

o Not just because this ship, and many like her brought food, materiel and troops to our beleaguered isle of “Battleship Britain.”Tug pushing ship

For all these reasons and more, these words of gratitude and thanksgiving express what many who were not able to return might have said:
Thank you for the sacrifices you made, the work you did so ably, leaving friends and a safe environment to help those unable to help themselves.

Find out more about the Jeremiah O’Brien at:

For below-decks photos and how to get there by BART go here:

Jeremiah O’Brien at Fleet Week, 2015.

For the ultimate post go here: They deserve more


About helenscribe

Helen is a long-time writer, with experience in both fiction and non-fiction. Her latest fiction, an English cozy mystery "The Domino Deaths" is available on Amazon. She is also an amateur painter and sailor.
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2 Responses to For Those who Served

  1. Gary Goth says:

    Thank you, Helen, for the grateful words to veterans. I am a veteran. I was a paratrooper during the Korean Conflict…never in the combat zone. My principle duties were as an instructor at the Jump School at Fort Benning, Georgia. I taught the guys who did see action over there…taught them to jump out of airplanes, that is.


    • helenscribe says:

      Thanks Gary! This day is one that should not go unremarked. And Mountain View had a special ceremony @ Eagle Park to dedicate a Memorial plaque to those who served. Did you know the new Army wears a very dashing Beret? Like Green Berets only different color.

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