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Early Leadership Starts

Take a quick look through the kindergarten window and watch how the kids interact. The kid who always starts the game, chooses sides, sets out the tea party and establishes the menu, that’s the one to watch. It may look … Continue reading

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SIGNIFICANCE OF SWANS in “The Domino Deaths” The swans on the River Thames have that calm aloofness, something I cherished about the Anglo-Saxons. Like people with a good Samaritan impulse.They know what they’re there for and, ignoring all interlopers, they … Continue reading

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An English Garden Defined

What exactly is an English Garden? Of what does it consist? Is there a certain look, certain flowers, certainly a lawn of some sort. There’s even a magazine of that name, so someone has a clear idea about it. Go … Continue reading

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Obamacare & the March Towards Socialism

As I watch the standoff in Washington DC over the legislation termed Obamacare, I remember my experience in England with nationalized medicine, and realized that most Americans have no idea what it entails. I remember being in a doctor’s waiting … Continue reading

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Moments of Joy

What a wonderful day yesterday was. Clear sky, cool, with that glorious blue haze that mutes the colors and renders everything nostalgically European. The best of Northern California weather, a San Francisco kind of day, and with Government shutdown, the … Continue reading

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